Dentatus Profin - Safe and Precise Dental Finishing, Even in the Most Inaccessible Areas!

Your Companion to Dental Perfection

The handpiece Profin PDX is ideal for delicate and directionally controlled reciprocating movement for cleaning, finishing and polishing dental surfaces.  The Profin® System is the professionals choice for all kinds of cleaning, finishing and contouring of dental surfaces – natural or restored.

The precise and well defined 1.2 mm reciprocating movement provided by the Profin PDX handpiece is easier to control than a rotating instrument and minimizes the risk of scuffing and damage to adjacent tooth.

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Hygienist – Efficient Professional Mechanical Tooth Cleaning and Implant Cleaning

Profin – the Perfect Instrument for Dental Prophylaxis

Profin PDX and PDH are optimal choices for easy and comfortable professional mechanical tooth cleaning. The ergonomic design facilitates the work of the care giver and highly increases patient comfort. The contra angled design for PDX and PDH and the 1.2 mm reciprocating tip movement for PDX gives unlimited interproximal buccal access to the most hard to reach posterior parts.
Plastic tips are recommended for scrubbing and polishing.  The green tip (EVA 2000) has V-shaped wings to fit fine interdental spaces.


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Orthodontist - Profin IPR™ Tips for Safe Interproximal Reduction

Aesthetics Have Never Been Easier

Since Dentatus launch of Profin IPR™, Lamineer tips for interproximal reduction, interest in invisible orthodontics and aesthetic orthodontics has increased. Profin’s reciprocating motion allows for easy interproximal reduction with greater control and efficiency.

Dentatus has developed IPR tips with diamond coating on both sides or on one side to ensure safe interproximal stripping and eliminating risk of iatrogenic damage to adjacent teeth.

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Periodontist - Per-Io-Tor Instruments for Scaling, Root-planing and Debridement

Prevents Further Removal of Root Cementum Once Surface is Clean

The Per-Io-Tor instruments are specially designed to optimize cleaning and planing of the rough root cementum and prevent further removal of root cementum once the surface is clean and smooth. The secret is in the unique design of the Per-Io-Tor instruments, which have planing grooves set in a smooth surface.

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